Essential Oils to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is a curse for women all over the world and they spend a small fortune to get rid of the “orange peel” effects from it. There are creams and massage oils, tablets, foods that have been reported to have anti-cellulite properties and even masks and peels that can be used, all in the fight against cellulite.


When you use essential oils for massaging your body the benefits include improved circulation, which is one of the main treatments for cellulite. Not only that, but it can also help to reduce fluid retention and also remove toxins which are well known factors behind the causes of cellulite. This means that massaging the problem areas alone can help to combat cellulite but when you use this massaging action with essential oils, the results are better.

Below are the best 11 Oils for cellulite removal.

Grapefruite Oil, Basil Oil, Thyme Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Ginger Oil, Ajowain Oil, Jasmine Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rose Oil

However, many women do not know that you can use aromatherapy and essential oils to get rid of cellulite and even prevent it and this can be inexpensive and easy to use.

There are four main essential oils that you can use in your quest to rid your body of cellulite. Each one has its own properties and you can use them alone or together, whichever suits your fancy.

The first essential oil with anti-cellulite properties is Juniper. One of the main benefits of juniper essential oils is that it improves circulation throughout the body. It can also unclog the pores on your skin and make you look much younger, and fat metabolism is increased meaning that cellulite deposits are lessened. If you decide to use juniper essential oils in order to lose cellulite, using it every day could give you visible results in as little as a month!

Lemon grass is another essential oil that can be used to remove cellulite and works by helping you to relax, improving circulation and getting rid of toxins. Fluid retention which can cause lumpy cellulite is also reduced when using this essential oil in massage and cane help to get rid of the orange peel effect on skin.

Jojoba Oil is another one of those great anti-cellulite essential oils. It works really fast and this is because it is easily and quickly absorbed. Its inflammatory benefits can remove lumpy fat deposits which cause cellulite.

Last but certainly not least, we have grapefruit essential oils. This one can help to tone the skin as well as relieving muscle tiredness. Fluid build up is reduced and therefore cellulite is minimized.

So there you have it, four main essential oils which can be used on their own or mixed together to effectively fight cellulite. Why not try it for yourself and see if you can’t have fast results?

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