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Lavender Oil

(Lavandula angustifolia),Origin : India

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The most adaptable of all essential oils is lavender oil regular. It has a peaceful and relaxing scent that is fresh, sweet, floral, and herbaceous. It's perhaps one of the most potent plant cures, providing bodily as well as mental relief. Headaches, sleeplessness, insect bites, infestations, stress, and nervousness are all alleviated with this supplement. It also offers balancing characteristics that might help you maintain your stamina and energy levels. Lavender oil of therapeutic grade is known for its skin and cosmetic benefits. And, as a lavender oil manufacturer, we make certain that our customers receive the cleanest and highest quality oil available. Furthermore, we are one of the largest and highest-quality Lavender oil suppliers to many sectors.

Lavender Oil Properties

1. Antidepressant

2. Analgesic

3. Antiseptic

4. Cicatrizant

5. Expectorant

6. Nervine

7. Vulnerary

Uses of Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Bath

Excellent for sore muscles, stress alleviation, and relaxation. After running the water, add 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil and vigorously agitate the water. Add a capful of milk or Epsom salts to the drops and soak in the bath to assist disseminate the oils throughout the water.

Shower with Lavender Oil

Add 3 drops of lavender oil to capful water and slowly pour over your head after wetting your hair. Allow the oil to wash out by standing under running water. Inhale the fumes by cupping your palms over your face. When shampooing your hair, add oils and rinse as usual. And cosmetics, skin and hair care industries using this essential oil in their products, can buy lavender oil wholesale supply from Shiva Exports India.

Lavender Oil Vaporization

Fill the top dish of an oil vaporizer or burner halfway with water and 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil. In the area given beneath the dish, add a lighted tea light candle; put it in the living room or bedroom. When you have a sickness or are feeling under the weather, vaporisation is very beneficial.

Massage with Lavender Oil

If you have tight and stiff muscles or are suffering from an injury, massaging is a great approach to apply the oil. The oil enters the bloodstream swiftly, benefiting the minds and bodies. Always use a good grade vegetable or carrier oil when massaging undiluted oils.

Lavender Essential Oil

You might have heard about Lavender Essential Oil and wonder what the benefits are. Well, this essential oil has many benefits! It can reduce the effects of different infections, including fungal infections, which are caused by the fungi that grow in damp places. Lavender oil's antifungal and antibacterial qualities can help you beat candida. And, Shiva Exports India is a renowned manufacturer of Lavender Oil, supplying high quality lavender essential Oil in large quantities to many industries that use this essential oil in their products.

Aroma of Lavender Oil

Lavender is a fragrant herb that has calming and balancing properties. Its name, derived from the Latin "lavare," which means "to wash," came from the fact that lavender was traditionally used in laundry and baths. Lavender's therapeutic and balancing scent has prompted its use in a variety of medicinal, religious, and culinary applications. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used lavender oil for perfumery and cooking.

Lavender essential oil is beneficial for aromatherapy. Lavender has a calming aroma with a balancing effect. Its odour and medicinal properties are well known. The plant has over 30 species and hundreds of genotypes. There are also varying degrees of quality in the distilled essential oil. Fresh lavender flowers yield the best quality oil, and as a Lavender oil exporter, we are aware of the growing need for wholesale Lavender oil in therapeutic treatments, healthcare, and much more.

Price of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil varies significantly in price, but there are some factors to consider when selecting a supplier. The most expensive type of lavender essential oil is distilled from the French variety of the plant, L. Angustifolia. Other varieties are also available, but they tend to yield less essential oil and maybe adulterated. In addition, prices vary widely due to the market and the size of the order. However, lavender essential oils produced in Bulgaria and India are becoming increasingly competitive in price. So, if you want to buy wholesale lavender oil at affordable price, contact Shiva Exports India, one of the major exporters of Lavender oil.

Common uses of Lavender Oil

The common uses of lavender essential oil are many. It is an effective remedy for a variety of ailments. It has antispasmodic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, if you are seeking for a wholesale supplier of Lavender oil or if you want to buy online lavender essential oil for its beneficial properties, visit Shiva Exports India.

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