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I've been incorporating this authentic Indian sandalwood oil into my homemade mouthwash for its pleasant taste and its pain-relieving properties for a sore tooth. While I haven't used it extensively yet, it has proven to be effective in both areas. I don't anticipate any changes as this product is truly exceptional, offered at an unbeatable price. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Posted By -Christopher Brown, Seattle, Washington, Pacific Coast Engineering

Rose essential oil can be quite expensive, and understandably so. Although I desired to have rose for my personal meditation time and space, I didn't want to spend a lot of money, nor did I want an overpowering scent. After reading reviews, I decided to purchase this particular oil, and I'm pleased with my decision. It meets all of my requirements and is an excellent essential oil. It's worth mentioning that when the oil is applied to the skin, it doesn't leave a sticky residue and is easily absorbed. Once I've finished this bottle, I will definitely repurchase it again.

Posted By -Samantha Hernandez, Portland, Oregon

As a discerning fragrance enthusiast, I've been in pursuit of a premium Jasmine Absolute for an eternity, but my finances had never allowed me to indulge. However, the quest has reached its zenith, for I have finally found the optimal solution. A veritable treasure trove of scents from the illustrious Shiva Exports India, this is a rare and remarkable discovery. Despite some reservations expressed over its potency over two years ago, I must protest, as it has a luscious bouquet that is unrivaled in its strength, complexity, and beauty. The floral yet musky aroma is the epitome of the divine, and I've used it to great effect in many bespoke blends. One of my most favorite blends is "Flow," a concoction of Jasmine, Amber, Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood, and Bergamot, with a tantalizing and seductive scent. My latest concoction, "Queen," a tribute to the ancient queens of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Arabia, featuring Jasmine, Moroccan Rose, Frankincense, Atlas Cedarwood, Cypress, and Bergamot, is truly a masterpiece. I'm utterly captivated!

Posted By -Rachel Kim, Nashville, Tennessee, Southern Charm Event Planning

El producto fue muy relajante. Lo usé mientras tomaba un baño y mezclado con el agua caliente, el vapor evaporado me proporcionó una sensación fresca y calmante. Después de usarlo durante un par de días, puedo decir que también me hizo sentir más relajado, lo que me ayudó a dormir mejor. Es evidente que los aceites esenciales en el producto son muy efectivos para reducir el estrés y mejorar la calidad del sueño. Definitivamente lo recomendaría a aquellos que buscan un tratamiento natural para la relajación

Posted By - Luisa González de Barcelona - Naturaleza Viva,Spain

Ich habe das reichhaltige, erdige Aroma gründlich genossen. Dieses Sandelholz-Ätherische Öl ist das beste, das ich je ausprobiert habe. Ich empfehle es.

Posted By - Sophie Naturkosmetik GmbH , Germany

List of Some of our Reputed Essential Oils Companies Reviews:

Green Island Botanicals - Owner: Mei Chen (Taiwan) - Annual Turnover: $3 million - Employees: 20

As a satisfied customer of Green Island Botanicals, I am happy to share my experience working with another top-quality business in the field of essential oils - Shiva Exports India. Over the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of working with them as they have consistently provided exceptional services in importing essential oils from India.

The quality of essential oils they offers is truly impressive. The oils are pure, authentic, and potent, with no additives or synthetic ingredients. As an advocate for natural health and wellness, I appreciate the emphasis on quality that Shiva Exports India places on their products, ensuring that customers receive only the best and most effective essential oils.

Moreover, the level of service and professionalism displayed by Shiva is unparalleled. They are committed to ensuring that their customers are satisfied with every order, offering fast and reliable shipping, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing. I have always received my orders on time, and any queries or concerns have been promptly addressed by their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

In conclusion, I highly recommend to anyone looking for the best quality essential oils and top-notch customer service. They have established themselves as a trusted and reliable source for essential oils, and I look forward to continuing my partnership with them in the future.


Earth's Delight - Owner: Juan Hernandez (Mexico) - Annual Turnover: $2.5 million - Employees: 15

Como cliente satisfecho de Earth's Delight, me gustaría expresar mi gratitud a Shiva Exports India por sus excepcionales servicios en la importación de aceites esenciales, aceites portadores y mezclas de aromaterapia. A pesar de los desafíos que planteó la pandemia de COVID-19 y los subsiguientes bloqueos en 2020, Shiva Exports India continuó brindando productos de alta calidad y servicios confiables, lo que me ayudó a mantener mis operaciones comerciales en México.

Durante este momento difícil, Shiva Exports India hizo todo lo posible para garantizar la entrega oportuna de mis aceites esenciales, aceites portadores y mezclas de aromaterapia. Su equipo trabajó incansablemente para adaptarse a las circunstancias cambiantes y quedé impresionado con el nivel de dedicación y profesionalismo que demostraron. Como resultado, pude continuar brindando a mis clientes los aceites esenciales de la más alta calidad, que se han convertido en un elemento básico en sus rutinas de bienestar.

He estado comprando a Shiva Exports India durante los últimos siete años y su compromiso con la calidad y el servicio al cliente nunca ha disminuido. Sus aceites esenciales son de calidad excepcional, con una amplia gama de aromas y propiedades para elegir. Sus aceites portadores y mezclas de aromaterapia son igualmente impresionantes y siempre he recibido mis pedidos a tiempo y en perfectas condiciones.

En conclusión, recomiendo encarecidamente Shiva Exports India a cualquier persona que busque un proveedor confiable de aceites esenciales, aceites portadores y mezclas de aromaterapia. Sus productos son de la más alta calidad y su servicio al cliente es insuperable. Agradezco su apoyo durante estos tiempos difíciles y espero continuar nuestra asociación en los próximos años.

I own a natural beauty products company, and I have been using essential oils and carrier oils from Shiva Exports India for over a decade. Their products are always of the highest quality, and their prices are very competitive. What sets them apart, however, is their commitment to customer service. They always respond to my inquiries promptly and professionally, and they are always willing to help me find the right products for my business. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable supplier of essential oils and carrier oils."

Posted By - Anne-Marie Dupont, Canada

I would like to share letter from my most friendly customer.

Hello ,

I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for the quality of your essential oils. As a long-time customer of Shiva Exports India, I have been consistently impressed by the exceptional purity and natural origin of your products.

For over 20 years, I have relied on your essential oils to create aromatherapy blends, perfumes, cosmetics, and hair care products. Your oils have never failed to exceed my expectations, and I have found them to be far superior to those of any other supplier.

In my experience, the key to creating truly exceptional aromatherapy blends and perfumes lies in the quality of the essential oils used. Your oils are 100% pure, and they come directly from the actual source of the plant. This gives me the confidence to know that I am using only the finest ingredients in my products.

In addition to their exceptional quality, your essential oils are also incredibly versatile. Whether I am creating a soothing blend for relaxation or a refreshing scent for a new perfume, your oils always provide the perfect foundation for my creations. They are truly the cornerstone of my business.

Finally, I want to emphasize how much I appreciate the level of service and attention to detail that your company provides. You have always been quick to respond to my inquiries, and you take great care in ensuring that each order is filled accurately and promptly. It is clear that you take pride in your work, and it shows in the quality of your products.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding quality of your essential oils. Your products have been an essential part of my business for over two decades, and I look forward to many more years of partnership and success.

Thank you again for your exceptional products and service.


Katherine Lewis, Designer
Magic City Productions
United States of America
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