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Shiva Exports India is committed to this spirit of growth in the field of natural essential oils. we are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of essential oils, absolutes, fragrance oils, aromatic chemicals, floral waters, carrier oils etc. Since its inception, our forefathers established this business and after a long run taken in local market, SEI established to presents its true and pure products throughout the world consumer market. The world is where the future lies and we are reaching out to grab it with both hands.

USA, UK, South America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, France,Taiwan, Africa & the Middle East are all on SEI map today and the list is continues expending. That is the essence of the SEI spirit - faith in our abilities and the belief that all things are possible.

Shiva Exports India - Code of Conducts

Shiva Exports India is committed to display through our behavior and actions the following conducts which applies to all aspects of our business:

  1. CONDUCT which built and maintains team works, with mutual trust as the basis of all working relationship.
  2. CONDUCT which keeps the naturalness of products, protect natural resources and safety for endanger species.
  3. CONDUCT which puts the customer first (his desire, believes & satisfaction), the company second and the self last.
  4. CONDUCT which exemplifies care for the customers through anticipation of need, attention to detail, excellence, aesthetics & style and respect for their belief.
  5. CONDUCT which says “be honest and trustworthy towards each and every step of business action”.

From short beginnings we have come a long way in a very short span of time.

CO2 Extraction Unit



Attar Making through traditional system


Our mission is to achieve international standards of excellence in aspect of fragrance and essential oils and diversified business with focus on customers delight through value of products and services, cost reduction and maximization of satisfaction for the customers.

Our aim is to preserve ecological balance & heritage through a strong environment conscience.

  • To ensure and maintain continuous and smooth supply of products by way of quality preparation, transportation and marketing activities and to provide appropriate assistance to the customer to conserve and use essential oils efficiently.
  • To create strong research and development base in the field of essential oils and fragrance and stimulate the development of new fragrant products formulations.
  • To maximize utilization of the existing facilities in order to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
  • To optimize utilization of its extraction capacity and maximize distillate yield from flowers and herbs.
  • To further enhance distribution network for providing assured service to customers throughout the world throw expansion of reseller network and alliance partner.
  • To provide prompt courteous and efficient service and quality products at fare end reasonable prices.

Corporate Governance

The basic philosophy of corporate governance in the company is to achieve business excellence and dedicate itself for increasing long – term business relationship with our customers, Keeping in the view the needs and interests of all its customers.

SEI Company is committed to transparency in all its dealing and places high emphasis on business ethics.

We care Environment, Health & Safety

SEI is committed towards protecting the environment & ensuring the health and safety of its peoples and customers. Caring for the environment is core corporate values by withdrawing work on endanger species.

SEI accords a very high priority to hygiene monitoring at the work place. Manufacturing products safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Research and Development

Our R & D section continued their efforts to provide competitive advantage through innovations in the area of new fragrance and herbal extracts by keeping the naturalness of products.

SEI R & D has also initiated application oriented studies in the area of essential oils & fragrances. It is believed that in near future, these essential oils would be of great importance in human lives.

In the area of fragrance SEI R & D develops several new formulations for meeting market and consumer’s personal requirements. Innovation is necessary to satisfy new customer needs and create new streams of products. Innovation is necessary to create higher values for customers.

Shiva Exports India is its ability to create value for customers. The only way to eliminate limitation is to continuously run the engine of innovation.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibilities continue to be an integral part of our business. SEI makes a significant contribution to society through donations, conducting aromatherapy awareness programs and community development. While selecting projects, priority is given to those which contribute to health care.

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