As a wholesaler, we are finding it difficult to accommodate increasing number of small orders. The rising cost of administering small orders have been straining our ability to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Hence, we will be instituting a Minimum Order Policy, which requires orders to be of minimum $100. On all orders less than $100, an Administrative Fee of $20 will be applied. Orders reaching a minimum of $100 before discounts and shipping, are considered to have reached the minimum requirement. This policy is effective January 1 , 2015  till end of 2023 financial year.

We truly regret any inconvenience this may cause you, but we trust that our valued customers will appreciate this, as it is necessary in order to offer the best wholesale pricing in the industry. 

1. You may place your order on-line, by email to [contact us] 

2. We usually ship immediately so please make sure what you have ordered before paying it using PayPal or other payment terms. In case you have changed the order during 8 PM to 8 AM at night IST , you have all time to change the order or put standing instructions.

3. Due to the volatile nature of the essential oils market, price commitment is limited to the date the order was placed. We shall do our best to keep our website updated on a daily basis. 

4. There is a No Minimum Order Policy, which requires no boundaries of buying or selling however we request client to pay through Bank and place order by mail which cross $ 10,000 USD. 

5. We will ship the material only after confirmation from Bank, PayPal or Western Union agent. 

6. Any orders above $10,000.00 must be paid by Wire Transfer, Certified Cheque-mail Transfer or Direct Deposit. 

7. Once an order has been confirmed we will not accept any additions or deletions. Should you wish to have any item removed after the order has been packed, a restocking fee will be applied to cover the cost of removing the item(s) and repacking the order. The fee will be $10.00 or 20% of the cost of the items removed, whichever is the greater amount. Any additions will be treated as a new order with all applicable guidelines. Please ensure that all orders are accurate prior to finalizing. 

8. At all times, prices are effective on the date of your order only. Discounts or coupons that were not valid on the date of your order, cannot be applied. 

9. If any product leaked in transit, we will cover the cost by refunding the spill amount after full verification of fault from our side, in case the faulty is carrier, we will claim to the courier company and ones we will get the claim, we will settle it with you by means of refund or replacement as agreed by you.

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