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Carrot Seed Oil

(Daucus carota),Origin : India

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Carrot seed essential oil comes from the seeds of the carrot plant Daucus carota, which belongs to the Apiaceae family and is sometimes known as wild carrot. It originated in Pakistan and gradually extended across Europe.Carrot seed oil's natural therapeutic capabilities were recognized thousands of years ago in Greek culture and India, and this plant was held in high esteem for its medical benefits. Carrot oil has recently been discovered as a natural beauty enhancer, and it is often regarded as one of aromatherapy's most underappreciated essential oils. This is the extracted essential oil from dry carrot seeds. Lavender, bergamot, juniper, geranium, cedar wood, and many citrus and spicy essential oils combine beautifully with this carrot seed oil. Furthermore, Shiva Exports India is also a well-known manufacturer of Carrot Seed Oil, offering pure and high-quality Carrot Seed essential Oil in large quantities to a wide variety of industries that utilise it in their products.

Properties and Qualities of Carrot Seed Oil

1. Steam extraction is used to extract the oil.

2. It has carminative, hepatic, vermifuge, cytophylactic, stimulant, antiseptic, depurative, tonic, and diuretic effects.

3. It has a lovely herbaceous fragrance that is woody and root-like.

4. It ranges in hue from golden yellow to amber to pale orange brown.

5. Texture is light.

6. Antioxidant-rich

7. It contains a natural SPF of 38-40.

Uses and Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

1. Effective liver cleanser and booster

2. Treats skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and weeping sores.

3. Arthritis, edema, Gout, and rheumatism are among conditions that the oil is used to treat.

4. Hypertension and neurasthenia are treated with this drug.

5. It has been shown to enhance the strength of mucus membranes in the nose, lungs, and throat.

6. It can be used to treat influenza and bronchitis.

7. It hydrates and moisturises dry, aged skin while also reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

8. Sun, tobacco, poor diet, or a hostile environment can all cause or worsen skin damage.

9. It can be used as a sunscreen on the skin.

Chemical Composition of Carrot Seed Oil

1. Alpha pinene

2. Gama terpinene

3. Beta pinene

4. Carotol

5. Camphyene

6. Sabinene

7. Myrecene

Method of Obtaining Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is a fragrant essential oil extracted by steam distillation from dried seeds. This oil contains terpenes (substances similar to calamus oil). Carotol, a-pinene, carotolol, b-pinene, geraniol, sabinene, and sabinoid, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and F. And, as a Carrot seed oil manufacturer, we make certain that our customers receive the cleanest and highest quality Carrot seed oil available. In additions, we are one of the largest and best-quality Carrot seed oil suppliers to many sectors

Scent of Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is an essential oil extract. It has a woody, spicy scent and is pale orange to brown in color. Carrot seed oil is a common ingredient in perfumes and flavorings. In addition to its fragrance, it has a unique odor.

Several Other Applications of Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is a powerful antioxidant, rich in essential fatty acids and beta carotene. It is easily absorbed, highly moisturizing, and has a fresh scent. Carrot seed oil is a paraben-free and additive-free beauty treatment. Some people use it in their skin-care products to improve skin tone and elasticity. So, if you're looking to buy wholesale Carrot seed oil at a reasonable price, for use in cosmetic industries reach out to Shiva Exports India, one of the leading Carrot seed oil exporters, and wholesale Carrot Seed Oil producers and suppliers from India.

Carrot seed oil contains a high percentage of carotol, a vitamin that is helpful for rejuvenation. Its high SPF helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentations and other skin conditions. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the two proteins that help keep the skin firm and supple. Moreover, carrot seed oil is suitable for treating eye infections. Carrot seed oil wholesale supply is available from Shiva Exports India for cosmetics and skin care firms who use this essential oil in their products.

The essential oil is a potent antiseptic and disinfectant. It soothes inflammation and aids in digestion. Carrot seed oil is also a peristaltic stimulant. The oil has antiviral properties, making it useful for protecting the body against infection. Carrot seed oil is a wonderful remedy for menstrual irregularities. Furthermore, if you are seeking for a wholesale supplier of Carrot seed oil or if you want to buy online Carrot seed essential oil for its beneficial properties, visit

Blend of Carrot Seed Oil with Other Oils

The antioxidant content of Carrot Seed Oil makes it a good choice to add to topical applications and dietary supplements. This oil can also be diluted with a carrier oil to be applied topically. As an exporter of Carrot seed oil, we're well aware of the expanding need for wholesale Carrot seed oil in production of supplements, healthcare, and a variety of other applications.

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