Essential Oils Extraction and Distillation Method

Shiva Exports India offers an amazing array of essential oils to purchase for your companies or scented projects. Part of what goes into essential oils is the process of extracting the essence of plant products, a process that has been passed down and upgraded for centuries.

One of the methods of extracting scents that is mostly used today era is distillation. The raw materials – the flowers, stems, sepals, seeds, wood, bark, leaves etc. – are put into an alembic over water. The alembic is an alchemical still comprise of two retorts (glassware used for distillation). When someone turns up the heat on the water, the steam goes through the raw materials and vaporizes the relevant essences. The vapor then moves into the other part of the alembic and collects and condenses there as liquid. Some of the most popular distillates are rose water, peppermint oil, orange blossom water, and lemon balm, which can be found with many other oils at

Another way of extracting essential oils from plant materials is cold-pressing. Cold-pressing literally presses the oil out of the raw materials. It used to mean that no heat was used, but modern cold-pressing does use heat to help speed up the process. This process is common with oil-rich plant materials like citrus peels and nuts.

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Some flowers are too delicate for distillation or cold-pressing, and therefore the process of extracting the essence must be more sensitive, especially since floral scents are so popular. Instead, solvent extraction is a process that combines the solvents like hexane and supercritical carbon dioxide, which creates what is called concretes – a combination of essential oil, wax, resin, and other oil soluble raw material. Another solvent (ethyl alcohol) is used to extract the essential oil from the concretes. Then the alcohol is removed, leaving only the essential oil, completely pure and extracted from its raw materials.

Shiva Exports India strives for excellence, and professionals, experts, and workers rigorously test every perfume and fragrance that comes in and out of their doors in order to ensure the highest quality of essence extraction. They create essential oils themselves and accept materials from external companies. However, Essential Oil India guarantees stringent control checks on all raw materials and the final products in order to ensure purity of those materials. With a global client base, Essential Oil India is prepared to provide the best Indian and other foreign essential oils.

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