Safety When Using Essential Oils

Everybody knows about the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils in everyday life. They can help to promote natural sleep, revitalize and wake you up, relax you or improve concentration and energy. However, these things can only be done when you use essential oils safely and in a sensible manner!

The aromatic fragrances of essential oils are used by way of aromatherapy to stimulate the brain in positive ways. These methods can be more effective than traditional pharmaceuticals as the sense of smell is directly linked to the brain and therefore works much better and faster.

If you are using essential oils on the skin, you must first be aware of what is in them as some ingredients may irritate the skin or be toxic. This is especially the case for elderly skin on children’s skin. To use this method, add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils to a non-perfumed moisturizer as this dilutes it to a safe concentration, but it still has the same beneficial effects.

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Essential oils should never be ingested. Some websites claim that you can but this is very risky. Instead use extracts in cooking. They can have similar effects as aromatherapy, but they are intended to be eaten and are safe. Care should be used when using essential oils internally. If you are having a medical problem, such as in menopause, consult a qualified aroma therapist for help in creating any product to be used internally.

One thing that many people do not check for when purchasing essential oils is the ingredients and purity of the product itself. Make sure you always buy your essential oils from a recommended retailer, especially if you are using them around children or using them in an application on the skin. You should check the ingredients and make sure that there is nothing in there that shouldn’t be. Some companies will add synthetic components to their essential oils for the purposes of increasing a profit margin, as they will be much cheaper than the purest of essential oils, and with regards to smell there is not a lot of difference.

If you are using essential oils by way of scented candles then you should ensure that the candle is placed on a flat surface where children cannot get to it, and never learn a candle burning when you go out or go to bed. Don’t place it in areas where nearby items can catch fire, such as near curtains, and always the candle in an appropriate holder. Never drop essential oils directly onto the flame as they are highly flammable.

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