Geranium Oil - Geranium Essential Oil Healing Burns Wounds

If you have ever opened a bottle of shampoo or cream and have gotten a distinctive floral fragrance emanating from it, chances are the product may have contained geranium oil. Those who have heard about Geranium oil have associated it with its sweet and floral smell which is also used in bath soaps.

But what most are not aware of is that Geranium oil is more than just a fragrant additive.  Geranium oil, which is available at Shiva Exports India one of the leading essential oils suppliers, contains several ingredients that allow it to be used for medicinal purposes among other things.

Geranium oil originates from South America but is now made available all over the world.  Geranium oil plants only grow up to two feet and its plants, leave sand stalk enduring a stem distillation process to extract the oil.

Geranium Oil

Both herbalists and those specializing in aromatherapy have hailed Geranium oil as the “wonder” oil.  They say that the oil contains several ingredients that are able to cleanse and heal the body both inside and out.  Pains derived from the functions of the nervous system could be a thing of the past when one uses Geranium oil. This is because of the oil’s mild analgesic ingredient.  The oil also contains sedative properties which help to calm frayed mind and make alleviate stress.

Geranium oil is also the best thing for healing burns wounds and it also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.  Years ago Egyptians used Geranium for healing wounds and preventing infections. Today the oil is still being used for healing burns and wounds and assisting in reducing swelling.

Those specializing in aromatherapy would say that Geranium in the home adds a balancing effort to one’s hormone levels in the body.  There are many other uses for Geranium oil which includes its ability to act as a mosquito repellant as well as treating tonsillitis. 

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