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Shiva Exports India has been a distinct name in the field of natural essential oils since its inception at the beginning of the twentieth century (Year- 1935). It started with the cultivation and distillation business by Late Mr. Sukhdev Prasad Tandon and was handed over to Mr. Vishwanath Tandon in the ancient city of Uttar Pradesh.  Ever since it has progressively led to being best in passionately focusing on the efficacy of all its formulations.  Natural essential oils have customer base across the globe owing to the purity it has to offer. It has extensive plants like the CO2 extraction plants as well as the Attar making processes through the ancient and the traditional systems.

The product ranges offered include carrier oils, fragrance oils for soap, essentials, absolutes, Frankincense Resin Viscous Liquid, the Palo Santo Oil, the Black Spruce Oil, the Vetiver Oil, and many more. The achievements of SEI are marked by over 7000 plus happy and satisfied clients and 1000 plus followers. Natural essential oils are known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties along with the aromatic essence known since times immemorial. The pure oils are chemical-free, paraben-free, and pesticide-free and available in wholesale packaging. The raw materials from which it is sourced are pure and of high quality and further processed by high-performance techniques.

The Quality control accreditations by the ISO 9001: 2015 as well as being known for kosher certification and vegan facilities make SEI proud that its customers receive superior quality products always. We also have a state of the art gas chromatography to test the potency of the sourced oils. The different essence oils have a range of health and lifestyle benefits that are impressive and popular worldwide.

An overview of the product range is given below-

Essential Oils - The essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants and come with a plethora of benefits. Beyond smelling great they can enhance the overall well-being as the moods.  They are extracted through steam distillation and are concentrated. They are widely used in skin remedies and some of the most popular ones amongst the essential oil manufacturers include lavender oil, lemongrass oil, Rosemary Oil, carrot seed oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and the like.

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Essential Oils

Absolutes - The absolutes are extracted by organic solvents to draw aromatic fractions that steam distillation cannot capture. They are also called resinoids or oleoresins and have hi-end patented techniques involved in extraction.  Some of the much-demanded ones like the Jasmine Absolute, Champaca absolute, or the Orange Blossom absolute are used for natural perfumery purposes.

Absolutes Extracted Oil

CO2 Extracted Oils - The Co2 Extracted Oils are extremely pure plant extracts that produce superior herbal extracts and medicines and are also beneficial to the aromatherapy as well as natural perfumery industries. The ginger Co2 Oil, the Geranium Co2 Extract, and the Vetiver Oil are a few ones that essential oil exporters trade in bulk owing to their myriad benefits.

CO2 Extracted Oils

Fragrance Oils - The fragrance oils are phthalate-free and allergen-free and widely used for soap, candle, and perfume concentrates.  There are Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose Oil for soaps, and many fragrance oils for candles and perfumes that can add a unique aroma that is strong and effective with a few drops.

Fragrance Oils

Aromatic Chemicals - Aromatic Chemicals are also known as odorants and have a volatile chemical compound. They are popularly found in food, spices, perfumes, and added to essential oils.  A few categorically are the Geraniol, Nerol, Rose Crystal, and the Vanillin.

Aromatic Chemicals

Floral Waters - Floral Waters are typically the condensate water that remains after the extraction of essential oil after distillation. The Essential Oil manufacturers produce superior quality ones like the Chamomile German water, the kewda water, the Rose Floral water that is in demand for natural skincare and beauty products.

Floral Waters

Carrier Oils Cold pressed - Carrier Oils are derived through plants through a crushing process without heating. They possess all the natural benefits and have along-shelf oil. Essential oil suppliers have a great demand for Cold-pressed oils like grape seed oil, Hazelnut Oil, Sweet almond oil, etc.

Carrier Oils Cold Pressed

Natural Indian Attars - The Natural Indian Attars derive from extracts of flowers and the varieties like Mogra Attar, Rose Attar, Majmua Attar, and the Kewra Attar are very pleasing and long-lasting. The procedure taken to produce these variants is fairly long and the results are most effective.

Natural Indian Attars

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