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Champaca Absolute

(Michelia Champaca),Origin : India

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Champaca Absolute

The Champaca Flower

The champaca comes from India and has a captivating and intriguing scent. It thrives in a huge evergreen tree and is known as "champak" in English. Flowers are typically white or golden and have a distinctive scent. It is claimed to have enlightening abilities and maintains a high status in the Buddhist religion. Champak flowers were believed to have miraculous healing abilities in the olden days. And because of its everlasting qualities, the Champak tree is used as a beautiful asset to any environment. And, as one of the Champaca Absolute exporters, we export Champaca Absolute in bulk to a wide range of countries.

Champaca Absolute Oil

The hue of Champaca oil ranges from dark brown to olive. It's a thick liquid that mixes nicely with aldehyde and benzaldehyde.

Champaca Absolute Extraction

As a manufacturer of Champaca Absolute, this absolute is manufactured under strict supervision to maintain the highest possible quality. The Champak tree's blossoms are utilized to extract this valuable oil, which is done using the solvent extraction process.

Chemical Composition

The following are the chemical components of the Champaca absolute

 1. Linalool

2. Phenethyl alcohol

Champaca Absolute Oil Uses

Champaca absolute oil has a soothing scent and is used to treat stress and tension. Aroma therapists use it to address sexual dysfunctions such as

1. Impotence

2. Low libido

3. Lack of sexual desire

The majority of those who have used champaca absolute oil says it has a relaxing and soothing effect. It relieves muscle tension during the massage and brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to individuals who are under physical or emotional stress. So, if you want to buy Champaca Absolute in bulk quantity online, for aromatherapy and treatments contact Shiva Exports India.

Because of its extremely calming properties, pregnant women should avoid using champaca oil. If you consume too much oil, you may become drowsy. It is also known to be an oil that assists in digestion and treats stomach troubles. Only a very few droplets of the absolute are required to be consumed, and only under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. Consider Shiva Exports India is a leading supplier of Champaca absolute of the finest quality if you want to buy Champaca absolute online for its advantageous properties and uses in numerous industries.

About Champaca Absolute

Champaca Absolute is distilled from the fragrant young flowers of Michaela champaca, also known as the Joy perfume tree. The Champaca tree is native to south and east Asia and is a member of the Magnoliaceae family. The scent is floral and lush with excellent projection. It is considered one of the most versatile fragrances available. Furthermore, being one of the top Champaca Absolute manufacturers, we provide wholesale supplies of champaca absolute created to the finest quality and purity.

Champaca Absolute Fragrance

When compared to a lighter floral fragrance Champaca Absolute has a rich intensity and heavy base. Champaca Absolute is a floral scent with a distinctive, honeyed sweetness. The floral notes are complemented by an ambery lushness and a hint of tea. This version has a floral fragrance that lasts all day without being overpowering, and it has a very strong top note. Champaca Absolute is a rare and expensive note. Its tropical origins make it ideal for high-end perfumes. Moreover, as an exporter of Champaca Absolute, we are aware of the increasing demand for wholesale Champaca Absolute for usage in various fragrances by the perfume industry.

Champaca Absolute Insect Repellent & Other Properties

The oil from Champaca is an effective natural insect repellent, which also helps in the treatment of skin conditions. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It fights bacteria and viruses, including salmonella typhosa, staphylococcus aureus, and micrococcus pyogenes. Its insect repellent properties help protect your skin from chiggers, flies, and other insects.

Champaca Absolute is a natural fragrance, which can be added to decadent beauty products. It also helps in boosting collagen production and protects from rapid aging and environmental damage. Its soothing and revitalizing effects make it an excellent ingredient in perfumes. Because of its various benefits, the usage of this absolute is increasing, and if you want to buy Champaca Absolute in bulk online, contact Shiva Exports India, the leading Champaca Absolute supplier.

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