What is Balsam Peru Oil and What Are Its Therapeutic Benefits?

Are you wondering what Balsam of Peru oil is and how does it help you? It is an essential oil that has antiseptic, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Its therapeutic properties are also diverse. It is a stimulant, analgesic, and antiseptic. It improves skin health and can help relieve haemorrhoids. Learn more about Balsam Peru oil and its therapeutic benefits below.

Balsam Peru Oil Scent

It is Balsam Peru oil is known for providing support for the body and mind. The aroma is sweet and vanilla-like, and it blends well with a variety of DIY diffuser blends. The aromatic blend is rich, sweet, and balsamic. Its balsamic scent pairs well with many DIY diffuser blends. Balsam of Peru can be a valuable addition to any diffuser blend. Almost anyone can use it for aromatherapy. Whether you want to use it as a diffuser oil or mix it with other essential oils to create a special blend, you'll find it is a great choice for the home.

Balsam Peru as an Ingredient in Soap

Many people are unaware that Balsam of Peru oil is a common ingredient in soap. This raw material is a calming, stress-relief, and emotionally-calming essential oil that is blended with other woods and resins. When used in soap, it imparts a warm, syrupy aroma and can be used in aromatherapy and as an ingredient in bath and body products. Diluted in a carrier oil, it can be applied topically to minor wounds and irritated skin.

Balsam Peru Oil

Balsam Peru is Effective Against Scabies

The essential oil from the Balsam Peru tree contains different substances known to be effective against scabies and other skin infections. The main components of the oil are benzyl benzoate, cinnamic acid, and nerolidol. In addition to the essential oil, balsam is used as a pesticide and in various topical products. It is a natural insect repellent and is effective against a wide range of parasitic and bacterial infections.

Balsam Peru is Effective Against Respiratory Illnesses

There are many health benefits of balsam of Peru essential oil, a common ingredient in cough syrups and other medicines. The oil also helps to reduce inflammation and reduces the formation of infections. It also has antimicrobial and sedative properties that help to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory illnesses like colds and bronchitis. Read on to find out what makes this oil so effective against respiratory illnesses.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, Peru Balsam has been applied topically to treat a variety of skin conditions, notably dryness, cuts and bruises, and sores. Peru balsam may help stop the development of germs and eliminate the small insects that trigger scabies, a skin ailment. It may also encourage the proliferation of skin cells. The Peru Balsam essential oil serves a variety of functions and is a highly advantageous essential oil.

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