Essential Oils for Health Benefits

Shiva Exports India offers any number of Indian and foreign essential oils and other essences that anyone needs. Essential oils are not just for the obvious scent-driven products. Herbal oils – essential vegetable oils combined with extracted herbal essences – can also be very healthy. They are not just another New Age trend – they have been used for centuries for a variety of health- and beauty-related products and can be found today just by stepping in the pharmacy area of your grocery store. You might find essential herbal oils in bath soaps, gels, and skincare and hair products, for just a few examples. Some herbal oils are also used in diet supplements because they are so rich in essential nutrients.

Herbal oils contain intrinsic vitamins, biostimulants, antioxidants as well as other nutrients that can strengthen and nourish skin – they have been used in herbal remedies to cure skin conditions, heal surface injuries, and treat head and hair problems, including dandruff and hair loss. You may be familiar with the use of aloe oil on sun burns. Some Native American tribes used saw palmetto oil for hair and skin care. St. John’s wort oil relieves inflammation and is good for an first aid kit because it soothes cuts, bruises, and burns. Lemon balm is used in cleaning supplies and other antibacterial products. They can also be used during massages to simultaneously calm the mood and nourish the skin (as well as the obvious use of reducing friction between the massager’s hands and the person’s skin) – sunflower oil is often used as a massage oil because it helps moisturize and condition dry skin. They can also stimulate the metabolism, encourage or manage healthy mucous, and helps prevent or slow down the physical aging process. One of the oils that Essential Oil India also carries is tea tree oil, from a tree in New South Wales that can help treat minor cuts, skin allergies, fungus, acne, warts, and yeast infections. Essential Oil India has these essential herbal oils and more.

Shiva Exports India Essential Oils

Essential Oil India professionals, experts, and workers rigorously test every perfume and fragrance that comes in and out of their doors in order to ensure the highest quality of oils so that whatever herbal oils you need come to you with all intrinsic benefits. They create distill or extract oils themselves and also accept raw materials or extracted oils from other companies. However, Essential Oil India guarantees stringent control checks on any external supplies as well as their own products in order to ensure the purity and healthy value of those materials. With a global client base, Essential Oil India is prepared to provide the best Indian and other foreign essential and herbal oils.

Major Essential Oils for Health benefits

  1. Lavender Oil

  2. Eucalyptus OIl

  3. Lemongrass Oil

  4. Chamomile German Oil

  5. Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute

  6. Geranium Oil

  7. Rose Oil

  8. Sandalwood Oil

  9. Ginger Oil

  10. Nutmeg Oil      etc.

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