Fun Ways to Use Essential Oils

As one of the leading essential oils suppliers there are many different fragrances of essential oils available; there is bound to be one that you like and that you can use for your own personal uses. Essential Oils have been well proven to have many major benefits, not only to your health but your overall well being, and everyone should take the time out to try a little aromatherapy every once in a while.

There are plenty of fun ways in which you can use essential oils, and one of the best is to relax in a long hot bath. Get your favorite essential oils and just add a couple of drops to the bath water; stir it around a little bit and then lay down and let the oils do their work.

Everyone needs to take time to pamper themselves once in a while, and with essential oils it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming! Lavender essential oils are good for a bath before bedtime because lavender has been proven to be a relaxing aroma, and there are also some that you can add to bathwater to add a sense of romance to the occasion, so why not invite your partner to enjoy the bath with you?

Essential Oils

Following on the theme of romance, why not add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to a non-perfumed moisturizer and massage it lovingly into your partner? This can be great fun and also very relaxing for the both of you. It can also prove to be a great bonding session, and taking time for one to one time can make better use of your spare time together! Ylang Ylang is a wonderful and seductive essential oil, and Neroli essential oils are good for this as well.  It is said that Neroli is an aphrodisiac, find out for yourself if this true or not.

Making your own aromatherapy oils with the family can be a lot of fun, as well as combining different fragrances to make your own personal perfume or room fragrance. Not only will this work out cheaper than commercially bought air fresheners, but is a great way to entertain the children and get them involved!

Essential oils have many uses in day to day life, and there are some that will help you relax, some that will help you wake up and some that will bring about the smell of romance. The way you use them is up to you, and only your imagination limits you.

Be creative with your essential oils, and as long as you use them safely, there is nothing that you cannot do with them! Use them in face creams to get rid of wrinkles, spray them around the room to make your room smell lovely, or use them on your partner to entice and seduce them. The choices are up to you!

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