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One of the primary uses of essential oils is for scented products, and with the increase of interest in alternative medicine, there is much more demand for essential oils. Alternative medicinal uses for essential oils includes the scent-based aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of volatile essential oils to improve mood or health. Sometimes it is something has simple as burning a vanilla candle or sandalwood incense, but sometimes even negative smells are used strictly for their aromatherapeutic properties. Aromatherapeutic essential oils can be used in items like candles and incense as well as bath and body products and massage oils.

Essential Oil India

One way that aromatherapy works is by using the mechanics of scent. In order for the brain to interpret scent stimuli, the stimulus has to pass through limbic system, which is the primary center for memory, behavior, and mood. Theoretically, different scents affect the limbic system differently. This makes sense on a basic level. When you smell oatmeal raisin cookies, you may think of grandmother’s freshly baked cookies from years ago, and this could perk you right up, inspiring the same feelings from childhood. Or maybe you smell chalk and think of school even though you are sixty-five years old and have been out of school for decades, which could be a good thing or not, depending on the person. The other way that aromatherapy works is from the natural qualities of the essentials – for instance, eucalyptus leaves have a minty smell that is excellent for clearing the sinuses. Aromatherapy can also be used for physical stimulation – jasmine, lavender, and even pumpkin can inspire sexual feelings. But American companies typically use aromatherapy in commercial products to relax and reduce anxiety as well as to energize. A study at Sloan-Kettering found that aromatherapy used for the purpose of reducing anxiety works on calming claustrophobic patients getting MRIs. Some proponents of aromatherapy even claim that the medicinal benefit of aromatherapy comes not just from the essence (or scent) of the plant from which the essential oils were derived, but also from the very life force of the plant.

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