Essential Oil India Part-1

Essential oils are a concentrated aromatic liquid removed from plants. The “essential” part of the phrase represents the aromatic heart or essence of a plant. For instance, essence of rose is like the rose’s trademark – its distinctive and desirable scent. These oils are removed through a distillation process that works to press as much concentrated oil from the object as possible. Essential oils are then used in small, measured quantities in perfumes, candles and incenses, make-up, bath products, household cleaners, flavoring foods and drinks. They can also be used (and have been used throughout history) for homeopathic medicine and aromatherapy. Smell stimuli has to pass the limbic system of the brain in order to be interpreted, and that is why scents are thought to be so important for mood as well as recalling memories from years ago – our sense of smell is one of the strongest sense memory vehicles we have. Whether scents truly have a medicinal property or whether the sense memory inspires a pleasant change in mood, essential oils are a part of our life, enhancing the scent of various items throughout the day, from your bath or shower to baking your cake to lighting a candle to cleaning your house.

Essential Oil

A brilliant team of Essential Oil India professionals, experts, and workers actively manufacture or rigorously test every perfume and fragrance that comes within their doors, either from external sources or made within their own manufacturing facilities. As one of the leading essential oils manufacturers, Essential Oil India guarantees stringent control checks on the raw materials and the final products in order to ensure purity of materials. With a global client base, Essential Oil India is prepared to provide the best quality of Indian and other foreign essential oils.

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