Champaca Absolute with a Rich & Floral Fragrance

Champaca Absolute is a hexane-free, tropical floral fragrance infused with vanilla. The sweet, floral aroma is reminiscent of an orange lollipop. In addition to being very sweet, Champaca has a rich, custardy aroma. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Champaca Absolute and what makes it such a special scent.

Champaca Absolute is a Tropical Floral

Champaca Absolute is an elegant and sensual tropical floral fragrance. Its floral composition is dominated by the champaca flower and is complemented by amber, sandalwood, and honeywood. The scent is a beautiful choice for special occasions. It is not for those with an excessive sensitivity to floral scents. Nevertheless, if you want to smell exotic, this perfume is perfect for you.

The fragrance is very long-lasting and will remain on the skin for several hours. After about six hours, it will turn into a discreet skin scent. It is not suitable for people who are sensitive to fruity, spicy, or sweet scents. However, if you like exotic floral scents, this may be a good choice. Its floral composition is quite unique and reminiscent of the tropical rainforest.

Champaca Absolute is Hexane Free Absolute

Champaca Absolute has excellent fragrance and is a perfect addition to decadent skincare products. It also boosts collagen production and protects the skin against rapid aging and environmental damage. The aroma of this oil is refreshing and calming and can be used in a variety of products, including perfumes, creams, and body lotions. It is also recommended that you always mix oils with a carrier oil to maximize their effectiveness.

Champaca Absolute is made from the flower petals of the Michaela champaca tree, a fragrant tree native to south and east Asia. Its floral scent is distinctively sweet, with earthy, tea-like tonalities. It has a very smooth and sweet base and a light honeyed aroma. It is an affordable alternative to expensive perfumes and can be worn on the pulse points of the skin as a natural perfume.

Champaca Absolute

Champaca Absolute is Infused with Vanilla

Champaca Absolute is rich and luxurious eau de parfum. The scented oil has a pronounced magnolia-ylang ylang aroma with some fruity nuances. However, this fragrance isn't for those who dislike the boozy side of a rose.

The resulting fragrance is a blend of magnolia and ylang-ylang with hints of honey, tobacco and tea. Its sugared amber and vanilla base create a lush floral composition with hints of jasmine, apricot, bergamot, musk and a hint of tobacco.

Champaca Absolute has a Smooth, Custardy Scent

A tropical floral, Champaca Absolute is a bold, sweet and heavy fragrance with a magnolia-like richness. Its vanilla notes ensconce the floral and fruited notes to create an overall syrup-like effect. However, if you're looking for a scent that can work on men and women, this is it.

The florals in this make the fragrance a showpiece. Secondary notes change in prominence and order and become more pronounced in the second half. The scent becomes a discreet skin scent after six to seven hours. You'll definitely have a nice time wearing Champaca Absolute.

Fragrance of Champaca Absolute

A well-blended, tropical floral fragrance with boozy overtones, Champaca Absolute has a lush, hazy floral top note. It smells like an unruly forest, with jasmine, orchid, broom, and hawthorn notes, but lacks any earthiness. In fact, its booziness is its most notable quality. Although it is a bit heavy, Champaca Absolute is far from a cloying perfume. If you're looking for a rich, boozy scent that won't ruin your morning routine, this is worth a try.

The Bottom Line

The bold and feminine floral scent, Champaca Absolute, has a tropical bouquet that's both complex and refined. Its deep orange-yellow base is dominated by the flower's essence. Its subtle dryness doesn't detract from its complexity and elegance. It's rich fragrance has bold and floral scent with a lot of body and heft. But, if you don't like heavy florals, this may be the one for you.

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