Champaca Absolute Perfume Review

Champaca Absolute is a floral oriental scent inspired by the flower of the same name. This perfume is characterized by a sensual heart, derived from the essence of the champaca flower. Other ingredients in the perfume include vanilla bean, honeywood, amber, sandalwood, and Tokajii wine. This is an elegant and enticing fragrance. It is an exquisite choice for special occasions and for your closet.

Features of Champaca Absolute

  • The initial projection of Champaca Absolute is a few inches. It remains on the skin for hours, hovering just above it. After 6.5 hours, it becomes a discreet skin scent. The opening of Champaca Absolute is rich and bold. If you like sweet, spicy, and fruity perfumes, Champaca Absolute is not for you. It is best for those who don't want to smell something too powerful.
  • The florals in Champaca Absolute are the star of the show, but secondary notes also contribute to the composition. They vary in clarity, order, and prominence until they reach a crescendo at about the second hour. After that, the secondary notes fade and blend into the base, leaving the main perfume without distinction. However, this does not diminish the beauty of the fragrance. You can try it for yourself at home.
  • The perfume has a floral-yellow floral scent. It is dominated by magnolia-like richness, but it has a touch of broom that does not leave the richness. As it develops, Champaca Absolute turns into a general fruity syrup. The aroma lasts for a long time, and the perfume is very long-lasting. So, if you're looking for a fresh and clean perfume, this is the one for you!
  • This tropical floral fragrance is quite bold and very strong. It has a rich, magnolia-like scent. The floral elements are accompanied by hints of ylang-ylang and apricot. It is not boozy, but the vanilla makes the scent smell more fruity. This makes it a great choice for day-to-day use. It's a beautiful, complex perfume that has an exceptional aroma.
  • This fragrance is very bold and is not for the faint-hearted. It is a floral bouquet with a deep orange-yellow base. Its floral notes are a combination of ylang-ylang, carnation, and jasmine. It is a very sensual scent, and you'll be able to tell which flowers it is from the distance. There's no booziness in Champaca Absolute and it's not a heavy, earthy fragrance.

Champaca Absolute

The Bottom Line

A gourmand-like scent, Champaca Absolute is a complex perfume. Its rich and creamy base carries a strong floral bouquet, and the fragrance is a strong, boozy blend. Unlike the floral fragrances that are sold in a pink bottle, this perfume is not intended to be a "floral" scent. The floral heart notes are what make this perfume so appealing.

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