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Jasmine Grandilflorum water

(Jasminum Grandilflorum),Origin : India

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Jasmine Grandilflorum, Chameli or Yasmin is native to Tropical and humid mild regions and cultivated in France, China, Japan and India. It is a large scuttled semi-erect twisted evergreen shrub, which can reach up to the height of 15m shrub. It has both the deciduous and evergreen species. The leaves are alternating, plain, trifoliate or pinnate. Flowers are of white and yellow in color and are cymose clustered from 3 to 6. Fruit is a berry, separated from the capsules and encompass 2 seeds. The main exquisiteness and uniqueness of jasmine is its fragrance, which cannot be imitated by any present synthetic aromatic chemical.

The water is of Orange to brown in color watery. It has a warm, floral and exotic odor.

Physiological properties of Jasmine Grandilflorum water:-

Optical Rotation: -4 to 15

Refractive Index: 1.450-1.525

Specific Gravity: 0.960-0.980

Acid number: 50.8

Ph : 5- 7


The jasmine water is extracted either by steam distillation of the fresh flowers

Chemical Composition of Jasmine Grandilflorum water

The benzyl benzoate is a major constituent, followed by benzyl acetate, n-acetyl and methyl anthranilate, enzyl alcohol, eugenol, trans-methyl Jasmonate, cis jasmone and jasmine lactone. These are available in very small percentage in water.

Jasmine Grandilflorum water Uses

Medicinal uses: - The water has various known medicinal properties like, astringent, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, emmenagogue, dentifrice, anodyne, odontalgia, leprosy, facial paralysis, chronic constipation, emollient.

Ayurvedic:-It is used in producing various ayurvedic medicines for treating aphthae, toothache, purulent discharge from the ear, ulcer in the mouth.

Antimicrobial:-Due to presence of flavanoid and tannin it has an effective antimicrobial property to fight various disease causing pathogens, like Staphylococcus albus and Salmonella typhii.

They are useful in cephalalgia, vitiated condition of vata, paralysis, facial paralysis, mental debility, chronic constipation, flatulence, strangury, sterility, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, ringworm, leprosy, skin diseases and giddiness.

They are useful in odontalgia, fixing loose teeth, ulcerative stomatitis, leprosy, skin diseases, ottorhoea, otalgia, strangury, dysmenorrhoea and many kinds of ulcers.

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