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Broom Absolute

(Spartium Junceum),Origin : India

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Botanical Name : Spartium Junceum

The Spanish Broom, Broom Absolute (Spartium Junceum)

The Spanish Broom is a shrub which belongs to the Fabaceae family. It originated from southern Europe, northwest Africa and south Asia. It grows well in sunny weather and can thrive on the dry and sandy soils as well. The flowers grow on a deciduous bush known as the S.Junceum, this particular shrub grows no taller than 5 meters in height. It has small pea sized yellow sweet smelling flowers which are just 1 to 2 cm in diameter.


The broom absolute oil is dark yellowish brown and semi solid liquid at room temperature. It has a particularly tropical odor. It is completely insoluble in water, yet mixes well in alcohol and other essential oils.


The oil is extracted via the CO2 extraction method. The CO2 is chilled and passed through the plant material to extract the essential oil. Several volumes of CO2 are pumped through a specific number of botanical materials to get the best extraction possible.

Chemical Composition

It is composed of cardiac alkaloids like

1. Genestein

2. Sarothamnin

3. Spartein

4. Oxitramine


Broom Absolute Oil has many medicinal properties. Some of the few therapeutic properties are as follows

1. It works as an anti depressant

2. As a disinfectant

3. Has carminative properties

It has been known to work wonders on people suffering from chronic depression. It keeps all sort of negative and depressing thoughts at bay and promotes peace of mind and a general feeling of well being.

It can also be used to treat kidney problems like stones or urinary tract infections when ingested orally. It helps by removing the toxic substances from the body and promoting good health and vigor. However care must be taken when ingesting it because in excessive amounts it can cause stomach upsets.

Most people also swear by its massage saying it helps loosen tight muscles and gives complete relaxation.

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