Bergamot Mint Oil (Mentha Citrata)

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Bergamot Mint Oil (Mentha Citrata)

(Mentha Citrata),Origin : India

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The bergamot is a tiny, fragil tree belongs to Rutaceae family,having resembelance to other citrus plants, such as orange and lemon. It yields orange-like fruits twice a year. The peel of the fresh fruit is the source of bergamot oil other sources are rind, leaf and twig. It is native to Asia, but cultivated mostly in Calabria, Italy.

BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL:-The oil is obtained by cold expression method, from the fresh peel Of Citrus bergamia Risso & Poiteau. It is a clear, yellowish-green and has sweet fruity odor.

The main components of essential oils are linalyl acetate ( 60%), linalool (22%) . Furocoumarins are bergapten, bergamottin, citropten and also some alcohol.


1. Cicatrisant:-This property of oil is efficiently use by cosmetic industry to make deodorants ,lotions,soap,creams,skin moisturizer.It is also used in ointments or tretain skin marks and acne scars.

2. Febrifuge:-It is used in making various Antipyretic medicine because it accelerates the gland secration and of the Eccrine glands and sebum glands.It also provides immunity against the various bacteria and protozoa which causes fever,influenza.

3. Analgesic: this essential oil calm down the feeling of pain in the body. It stimulates secretion of Eicosanoid hormones which stops nerves to pain. Therefore, it is used in making pill which treats headaches, sprains, muscle aches .

4. Antidepressant & Stimulant: Alpha Pinene and Limonene present in oil are antidepressant and stimulating in nature. They give a sense of boosting ,pleasure , freshness in the state of depression by accelerating the circulation of the blood.

5. Antiperspirant:- Bergamot AB 430 chemical is the main reason why it used in making it inhibits the growth of microbes causing body odor.

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