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Agarwood Oil (Oud Hindi) - زيت العود الهند - زيت عود كاديم

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(Aquilaria agollocha),Origin : India

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Agarwood Oil (Oud Hindi) ,Oud Kalakassi - QADEEM (Vintage) - Nagaland /Assam/Manipur

اكتب إلينا للحصول على أعلى درجة من زيت العود الهندي مانيبور إمبلال. لدينا زيوت العود عالية العمر المتاحة فقط لعملاء البيع بالجملة. شكرًا لك !


Agarwood oil, also known as oud oil or oudh oil, is a highly valued essential oil derived from the resin of the agarwood tree (Aquilaria species). The history of agarwood oil can be traced back centuries, with evidence of its use in ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cultures.

In traditional Chinese medicine, agarwood oil was believed to have various medicinal properties and was used to treat a wide range of ailments. In ancient India, it was used as a perfume and in religious ceremonies. In Middle Eastern cultures, agarwood oil was used as a fragrance in perfumes and incense and was also believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties of oud oil.

Agarwood oil was also highly sought after in the luxury perfumery industry and was used by royalty and the wealthy. The high demand for agarwood oil(oud oil) led to over-harvesting and the agarwood tree is now considered an endangered species.

Today, agarwood oil is still highly valued for its unique and complex aroma, and is used in perfumes, incense, and traditional medicine. However, the use of agarwood oil is highly regulated to protect the agarwood tree from over-harvesting.

Process of Agarwood OIl Extraction

Agarwood oil is extracted from the resin of the agarwood tree (Aquilaria species) using a process called distillation. The process can be divided into several steps mentioned below in 7 points:

1) Harvesting: Agarwood trees are harvested for their resin, which is found in the heartwood of the tree. The trees are usually infected with a mold that causes the tree to produce a dark, aromatic resin.

2) Collection: The resin is collected from the tree using various methods, such as drilling or tapping. The resin is then cleaned and sorted by quality.

4) Distillation: The resin is then distilled to extract the oil. This is typically done using a water or steam distillation process. During this process, the resin is heated and the resulting steam is condensed to produce a liquid oil of pure oud.

5) Filtration: The oil is then filtered to remove any impurities of it.

6) Aging (Qadeem): The oil is then aged for a period of time, which can range from several months to several years. This allows the oil to develop its unique aroma and flavor which is its basic aroma.

7) Bottling: Finally, the oil is bottled and sold as agarwood oil.

It's important to note that the process of making agarwood oil can vary greatly depending on the region, the method of collection, the distillation method, and the aging process.


The production of agarwood oil is highly regulated to protect the agarwood tree from over-harvesting. Additionally, there are many fake or low-quality agarwood oil products in the market all over world, so it is important to purchase from a reputable source.

 Agarwood Oil Uses for perfumes

Agarwood oil, also known as oud oil or oudh oil, is highly valued in the perfumery industry for its unique, complex aroma. The oil is extracted from the resin of the agarwood tree (Aquilaria species) and is used as a key ingredient in many high-end perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances.

Agarwood oil has a warm, woody, and musky aroma, with notes of dark chocolate, leather, and spice. It is considered a base note in perfumery, meaning that it has a strong, long-lasting aroma that helps to anchor the other fragrances in a perfume. It is often used in combination with other base notes such as patchouli, vanilla, and musk, as well as with middle and top notes such as rose, jasmine, and citrus.

In perfumery, Agarwood oil is often used in a blend called "oud" (also spelled as "oudh" or "oude"). Oud is a blend of Agarwood oil with other ingredients like sandalwood, rose, saffron and other ingredients to create a unique scent.

The use of agarwood oil in perfumery is highly regulated due to the endangered status of the agarwood tree. It is important to purchase agarwood oil from a reputable source that uses sustainable harvesting methods and to check for certifications like CITES.

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