Treating Arthritis with Aromatherapy

Essential oils have many great healing properties, and although they should never be used as an alternative to any medicine that your doctor has given you, they can be used in conjunction with them for a complimentary effect.

You can help to soothe the symptoms of arthritis with essential oils and aromatherapy, and this can provide some welcome relief from those who suffer, particularly through the cold winter months. There are many different fragranced essential oils that have reported healing properties and you can use all or one of them in your quest to dull the pain.

Although there is no actual known cure for arthritis, there are ways in which it can be managed with pain relief medication. However, if you are feeling those usual aches and pains that seem to accompany arthritis, it’s time to get the essential oils out.

Essential oils and aromatherapy

Warm compresses are great for easing the pain caused by arthritis, and you can incorporate essential oils into this. There are three main pain relieving essential oils that you can use and all you need to do is add a few drops to a bowl of hot or warm water before you soak the towel or compress. You can choose from chamomile, lavender or cinnamon essential oils. Lavender is particularly useful for relaxing the body and can help if you are awake at night with the pain. This is a very simple and effective way of easing the pain of arthritis and can be used any time and as often in one day as you need until the pain is lessened. There is no correct dosage and if you are finding the pain is worse one day you can keep using the compress until it has cooled to the temperature of your skin and repeat the process.

If you are out and about, try carrying a small bottle of massage oil or lotion with your preferred essential oils mixed in. Then you can simply rub them on the sore area and keep on going. If you have sensitive skin, be careful how much essential oil you use. You may need to dilute it more.

Aromatherapy has few side effects if used properly so using essential oils to treat arthritis and lessen the pain is a great idea. Whether you choose to add a couple of drops to a warm compress or hot bath or using an essential oil fragranced lotion or oil on your skin, they have great benefits and you too could lead a less painful life!

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