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Essential Oil India’s website,, presents to the public any number of essential oils for companies and individual projects. But it is important for anyone working with essential oils to understand the safety measures to take.

Any unadulterated liquid can be harmful if not diluted or treated carefully, with the right protective gear. Therefore, no matter the aromatherapeutic or medicinal effects of an essential oil, it should not be used undiluted on the skin, with very few exceptions, because it can trigger skin sensitivity or a skin allergy. All in all, a little essential oil thoroughly diluted can still be quite effective and full of scent.

Even diluted essential oils can cause sensitivity or allergy in certain people, so it is important to test a small patch of skin for sensitivity or allergy before slathering it all over your body or someone else’s. A 24-hour wait is encouraged to check for any reaction. Some essential oils should be avoided when pregnant or if someone has asthma, respiratory problems, or epilepsy. And some essential oils from plants known to be poisonous should only be used by licensed professionals, if at all.

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Some companies try to dilute expensive essential oils with synthetic products that people can be allergic to or that are intrinsically irritating or even dangerous, just to cover the bottom line and line their own pockets. This is why Essential Oil India professionals, experts, and workers rigorously test every perfume and fragrance that comes in and out of their doors in order to ensure the highest quality of oils. As one of the leading essential oils suppliers Essential Oil India guarantees stringent control checks on any external supplies as well as their own products in order to ensure the purity and safety of those essences. With a global client base, Essential Oils India is prepared to provide the best Indian and other foreign essential oils.

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