Clary Sage Oil - Health Benefits

The benefits of this essential oil are numerous, and include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and reducing dandruff. It can also improve thyroid hormone levels and reduce cortisol, two common stress hormones. In fact, a significant study found that clary sage oil was especially effective in improving the levels of both hormones in women who were already post-menopausal.

Clary Sage Oil Reduces Stress

The use of Clary Sage essential oil for stress relief has many benefits, including a reduction in cortisol levels and a feeling of well-being. The aromatherapy benefits of this herb extend beyond being an effective stress reliever. Clary Sage has an antibacterial and sedative effect, which is useful for skin conditions, such as acne, and balancing hormone levels. This oil can also be applied to the skin in the form of a facial wash.

Clary Sage Oil Reduces Menstrual Pain

Clary Sage Oil is often used for feminine issues, but the science behind its use is limited. In one reliable study, Clary Sage Oil used in abdominal massage significantly reduced the menstrual pain. It was also found to be effective during labor. Some women also claim that Clary Sage Oil reduces their pain during menstruation.

Clary Sage Oil

Reduce Dandruff with Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil can be applied to the scalp to prevent dandruff and it has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and anti-depressant properties. Aromatherapists use it for respiratory problems and as an antispasmodic. The oil promotes the growth of skin cells and relieves acne. Although it has many uses, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy. You should dilute it with a carrier oil to ensure its safety.

Clary Sage Oil Reduces Inflammation

Clary sage oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also promotes wound healing. Its antimicrobial properties and terpenes have been shown to inhibit the growth of P.acnes, a bacterial infection. Inflammation is a major contributor to skin damage. It decreases the activity of certain skin proteins. Hence, clary sage oil reduces inflammation.

Clary Sage Oil Reduces Uterine Contractions

In aromatherapy, Clary Sage Oil is used for its sedative properties. It is a natural uterotonic, or pain-relieving essential oil, which promotes relaxation and ease of labour. It is also effective at reducing muscle tension, promoting relaxation, and preventing postpartum haemorrhage. It is often used during pregnancy to help prevent anxiety, and can help a woman cope with labour and birth.

The Bottom Line

Known as eye bright and clear eye, clary sage is an easy-to-grow plant native to warm climates. Currently, the oil is being researched for its numerous health benefits. Aromatherapy utilizes the power of scent to calm the mind and ease feelings of stress and anxiety. The olfactory system directly affects the part of the brain that controls emotions. We often associate certain scents with unpleasant emotions, and Clary Sage oil is an excellent choice for this type of skin-care product. Its calming properties have been used for centuries to reduce high blood pressure, and now you can use it to lower yours as well.

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