An Overview of Frankincense Oil Steam Distilled

There are many uses of Frankincense Oil. It is a very aromatic resin, and is used in perfumes and incense. It is derived from Boswellia trees in the Burseraceae family. The name "frankincense" comes from the Old French word franc encens. This article aims to provide you with an overview of this fragrant oil, including its Phytochemical composition, health benefits, and applications.

What is Phytochemical Composition of Steam Distilled Frankincense Oil?

The Phytochemical composition of Frankincense oil is based on the presence of monoterpenes. Among the monoterpenes, b-elemene, a-pinene, phellandrene, and cadinene were identified. In 1932, Winterstein and Stein studied the olibanum resin. They found a number of constituents that are not present in a conventional extract.

The essential oil produced by Boswellia trees is considered to have numerous health-supporting properties. Its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anxiolytic properties are among its many uses in aromatherapy. This aromatic resin is steam-distilled to produce a highly concentrated form known as Frankincense oil. Phytochemicals in frankincense oil vary according to climate, geographical origin, and other factors.

Commercial frankincense oils are often labelled differently than those produced by local distillers. Moreover, some suppliers use synonyms for the same species. Generally, B. sacra (1867) and B. carteri (1870) are considered the same. Therefore, it is recommended that you look for B. sacra (1867) when buying frankincense oil.

What are the Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil Steam Distilled?

The antiseptic, antidepressant, and digestive properties of frankincense oil are some of its most valuable qualities. Its aroma has been used for many years as an alternative to drugs for a variety of conditions. It is believed to aid in digestion and reduce the risk of respiratory problems. Inhalation of the aroma also helps the body get rid of unwanted fat and toxins. The calming effect of the oil is a valuable part of its spiritual use.

Another benefit of frankincense oil is its sedative and decongestant properties. The oil can promote better digestion and ease the symptoms of a variety of problems, including indigestion and constipation. It can also be used as a respiratory cleanser and to relieve stress. As an added benefit, it can also help you sleep. It has a calming effect, enabling you to drift off into a deep sleep.

Frankincense Oil

Global Market of Frankincense Oil

The global market for Frankincense essential oil is expected to reach US$ 222.8 million by 2022 and US$ 406.1 million by 2030, growing at a significant CAGR. This growth will be largely driven by changes in climatic and atmospheric conditions, increasing demand for fragrances and cosmetics, and the growing need for skin and respiratory diseases. The market for Frankincense essential oil is expected to grow at a moderate pace in the coming years, thanks to its numerous applications.

Conservation Status of Frankincense Oil

Boswellia papyrifera is a species of tree native to the Arabian Peninsula, Eastern Africa, and north western India. Boswellia trees grow in harsh climates, including those in conflict zones, and are used to make frankincense oil. However, their population is in trouble. More than half of the world's frankincense comes from this species.

The Sacred Frankincense plant is found in Somalia, Yemen, and Oman. While these plants aren't particularly large in size, they have been used for centuries as incense. In fact, Boswellia sacra is classified as "near threatened."

The Bottom Line

Besides its calming and sedative properties, Frankincense oil can be applied to the skin, where it can act as a natural moisturizer. It can also be applied to the bottoms of the feet, where it is thought to have a balancing effect on the mood. It also has a calming effect, making it a great essential oil for evening skin care rituals. Also, the aroma of this oil is said to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote sleep.

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