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Curcuma zedoaria (Christm.) Rosc. (syn. C. zerumbet Roxb.) (Zingiberaceae), is an aromatic perennial herb growing mainly in East Asian countries, including China, India, Japan and Vietnam (1). The rhizome is used for curing stomach diseases, toothache, blood stagnation, leucoderma, tuberculosis, enlargement of spleen and for promoting menstruation in traditional medicine in Asia (1,2). It is also reported to be antiallergic (3), antitumoral (4) and to have lipopolysaccharide inhibitoiy activities (5). Curcuma zedoaria is cultivated in India, Ceylon and China for its starch-rich tubers, known in trade as zedoary root. This root is the source of 'Shoti Starch' which is used as a substitute of arrowroot and barley. Zedoary is also used in the manufacture of liquors, stomach essences, bitters and for the production perfumes and cosmetics (1).